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How to Design Software Interfaces

The following information will provide you with all the necessary steps to develop great interfaces for any application and web pages. All the content shown, were found all over the internet from leading websites and companies. Credit is shown/given at the end of each article.

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Getting to Gribs with the Future

I have had some free time on my hands these couple of years, so I decided to think about what the next big breakthroughs in weapons would be, that would be used in warfare in the near future.

Here are my suggested new weapons for future warfare research:

* Something that would replace nuclear/hydrogen bombs:

  • An Electro-Magnetically Induced Self-Quenching Singularity.(E-MISS)

* A highly efficient flying vehicle with inherent stealth design, capable of atmospheric and space flight.

{Remote or Manual}

  • Could be redesigned ICBMs or an aircraft{flying vehicle}.

* Indirect Nuclear propulsion systems by liquid metal induction.

  • Solid state control system with gas compression. Infinite propulsion without polution.


Be that as it may, I have already started with the second suggestion, if you all don't mind. I am really bored with myself, as I have finished development of all my software found on this site. ;)

A preliminary grouping of theses may be found at the following download link, it has been created in compressed format for best size and download speed. It is as yet not finished, so be patient as I try to figure it all out. Thank you. :)

You will need Adobe Reader to open and read the thesis.

My Thesis. {20MB} in pdf format.

Update coming soon...

Essays on Esoteric Engineering Research

Using Fractal and Repeating Patterns in Engineering to Increase Efficiency in Motion.


  • Applying fractal patterns in aerodynamic design.  -  Document.rtc    6 MB     Opens with WordGraph 16MB


  • Using fractal patterns in automotive applications.  -  Document.rtc    2.8 MB   Opens with WordGraph 16MB



More to come soon...